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True Crime

True Crime Podcast with two somewhat charming smart-asses. We dissect compelling crimes, everything from small happenings to the worlds most notorious killers. Interesting conversation and speculation as well as the occasional off-the-wall theory, is sure to ensue.

April 17, 2022

TCG Weekly Update 5

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This past week on TCG we wrapped up our stalker series… for now… with the incredibly suspenseful, yet deadly love triangle of Dave Kroupa, Liz Golyar, and Cari Farver. Where one of the three, was actually dead the whole time.  And we closed the episode out with the story of Eric Ryan Johnson, an 18 year old, obsessed fan of an underaged Tik-Tok star, who wound up on the wrong end of a confrontation with her protective father.

This wednesday’s TCG release will be a patreon exclusive, featuring the insane story of Pam Hupp, which btw, is an excellent counter argument to the ol true crime adige, “The Husband Did It”.       


Now for this week on Strange and Unexplained, we wanted to give you guys a little known history lesson in the nearly lost, and almost forgotten,  Seneca Village.  A pre-civil war village of mostly african americans, that inhabited the area in which we now know as central park, that’s right, THAT central Park!. A Village that the American government removed in a cruel and unfair way to make room for their first Metropolitan area park.

But for this next week, all you freeloaders out there will be getting your monthly dose of Strange Shorts with me and Andy, while all our Patreon members will be filling their ears with SandU Stories Chapter 15. Where our listeners will be experiencing a devilish haunting, set in an early catholic church on the outskirts of civilization. A true ghost story if you will.


For JTB on Friday, it was open mic night for the patrons and we got into all types of topics. Shitty jobs, video game likes and dislikes, scary ass animals, even what it might be like to roll with the big man himself, Shaq. And also naps, cause, who doesn't need a nap at this point.

5 Min Murder and Fantasy Football

And for all our Lorne loyals out there, the 5 min murder show was back this week with the case of Derrick  Comrie, whos seemingly random murder was finally solved, due to the help of a deck of cold case playing cards.

Last but not least, full house fantasy football hit you guys with this week's breakdown of the AFC North in another offseason episode.


Before i go i want to remind everyone of our patch of the month! This month’s patch will go on sale, 4/20, only on patreon, and speaking of ptareon…we will also be dropping 8 episodes of Higher Thoughts season 2 at 12:00am est on…you guessed it…4/20. 


Dont forget you can check out these weekly updates, as well as every free tcg episode on our youtube channel!

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