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True Crime

True Crime Podcast with two somewhat charming smart-asses. We dissect compelling crimes, everything from small happenings to the worlds most notorious killers. Interesting conversation and speculation as well as the occasional off-the-wall theory, is sure to ensue.

June 26, 2022

TCG Weekly 13

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TCG Proper:

So for tcg proper this week, Since Lorne and Michael did such a good job on their Gangster accents over on SandU Stories, we decided it was time to do another mob case. But not just any mobster guys, hes kind of a big deal. 


SandU proper is taking a trip down the Nile this week. As Michael tries to give some insight into the mysterious pyramids of Egypt.  We know there hasn't been any bodies found in one so far, so what really was their purpose , and what can we still learn  from them today.

Fantasy Football:

And over on the west coast, Lorne and the guys sit down to hash out some more Dynasty picks and how they think their season might turn out. Also what's been going on with the league, like suspensions, trades and pickups. So tune in for that and let them know how you think they’re gonna do


5 Min Murder 

Now for all our patreon listeners, Lorne returns to the screen with the 5 Minute Murder show. This time covering another mystery cold case that finally was cracked over 40 years later. Two men found shot on their own properties, taken out from a distance. Sounds like a profession huh?.. Doubt it

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